Medical School Admissions Consulting

 Undergraduate Class Planning (학기별 과목 선택 및 학점관리)

The medical school application process actually begins from your very first day of college. Specific classes must be planned out and completed before the MCAT should be taken and before the actual application can even begin. We will help you choose and plan out your course schedule from the very first to very last day of college.

  • 대학 1, 2학년의 학점이 미래를 결정한다.
  • 학기별 과목 선택 및 학점관리
  • 각 과목 전공자들이 실험 리포트, Project, Essay과제 등을 Review, 필요시 시험 준비 도와 줌


Extracurricular Activities (학기 및 방학 중에 할 activity 정보 제공)

Extracurricular activities are often overlooked by students, but this part of your application can make the difference between your first and last choice school. We will suggest and help you plan out many different extracurricular activities.

MCAT Prep (MCAT시험 볼 시기 및 공부 방법에 대한 조언)

The most famous but also stressful and frightening part of medical school admissions. This is usually the make or break point, where anyone can go from being Pre-Med to settling for Pre-Law. We will advise you on the best way to go about studying for your MCATs, including which books are best, which courses are the most effective, how much study time to set aside, etc.

Gap Year Planning (GAP Year에 대한 조언 )

Taking time off between graduating college and applying to medical school? STEM Consulting Group can help you evaluate your application as it stands now and recommend the best options for a gap year, whether that be a postBacc program, international work, clinical work or research work.

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